I am alone

screaming in silence

announcing my desperation in passive secret

so, muted by the rebuttal of indifference

I am alone

I am alone

although this consumes me

loneliness does not sink into my skin

it seeps outwards from my soul

dying comes from greatness

greatness comes from dying

i am gone

but I hope I stay with you

after I am gone

perspectives of art do not dissuade the process

living through experiences does not ready you

for the judgement of yourself

which will come

only what you use these experiences for

will matter in the end

in the beginning

don’t cover your cries of pain

feel everything you can because you can

that’s all you have

engulf yourself in pain and pleasure

use it

if the ability to feel is all that separates us

then make something entirely your own

but tonight, I am alone



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