these women

inside me there are many women

a vulnerable woman who just wants to be alone, who drinks to much tea and listens to Simon and Garfunkel exclusively while writing poems in her head that she’ll soon forget.
there is a fierce woman who has killer eyebrow game and makes boys crumble beneath her feet. she enjoys the occasional shot of whiskey and wears heels larger than your dick.

these many women often disagree and can side with both sides of an argument.

they sympathize with the teenager on the phone embarrassed because her boyfriend is yelling at her again and the mother who just wants her daughter to be happy and always puts herself on the back burner.

these women have conversations daily and never ever agree. and why should they?

experience has taught me to self protect and never show all your cards. experience has told me to be strong even when you feel nothing but a dull ache.

life tells me to give all I can to anyone who will listen because we all have but one life to live and but one paper to fill in the chapters of this world so every thing you say should be the truth and be seeping with the sweat musk of raw emotion.


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