you may compare the lines on my legs to the road you travelled so longingly to find me

my soft curves to the rolling waves of the sea 

my hair to the streams of sunlight through the window that come to gather us for the day 

my eyes to that of space which holds the time we’ve spent together and my gaze 

but do not pass through me as you pass on through 

I am no simple lyric or verse in your nostalgic life

I contain more than the ocean, the stars and the sun

I am a woman you can not define

so do not compare me to a summers day or a winters quiet night

I am not to be captive of these comparisons or limitations

every woman is night and day

to observe this symmetry is romantic and poetic however

it is not enough 

to captivate me 

with idle words and talks of summer

when in reality it is still winter

and you are still gone

while I am here 


once again

for someone who sees more than the stars when they look into my eyes 


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