intoxicated love

I get drunk off of the love I never had

the times we never spent together

taking shots of how I could love you 

and the ways you could love me too

I don’t know whether you’re drunk on love 

or whether you just love me when you’re drunk

either way it’s a temporary state 

as are our moments, and as our we

and although I don’t feel hollowed out by you

you have taken a part of my trust away

and as much as you may redeem yourself in future days and future nights

I will not be giving my whole self to you

our potential tragic love story

has become summer lovin’

idle and static, though beautiful in its fleeting moments of naivety

making me dizzy and weary, without longing for solid ground

our fragmented shared time 

swaying, dreaming and laughing

was pretentious, romantic and simple

alas, time never wasted and love never growing 

you were meant to be older and wiser in the ways of love 

you speak so openly and honestly

but sadly what I learnt from you

I could have learnt from any school boy

this I know is not all your fault 

my heartache is my doing 

I cared for you until I realized

my thoughts of you surpassed reality

darling, your heart is lighter than you think

your charm can see me across creeking floor boards and oceans

your touch is familiar and comforting

but do not reach for me again 

I am allowing you to be a page in my book

please do not attempt to write a chapter 

although I may love you, for your old soul and open heart

I will now settle for holding your hand


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