this is how i love you now

now I will love you solely with the memories of who I used to be

in the smiles you captured so well

seasons change, how can I love you now

when I don’t know who you are

and I am not who I once was

our skins and soupicture1 (2)ls

no longer connected

but finally, no longer lost

the miles and meals are far behind us

and can never be again

never changed or touched

for they are ours, the only thing we share now

I am in your memory as one you loved

and you know I will always love that person you were

but we neither are nor should be again

my darling, my soulmate

this is how I love you now

my memories of you will never collect dust

a fresh affair, a fresh heartache

I will love you souly, for who you used to be


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