channel your energy into something productive

they tell me

you’re talented, but you need to be motivated

they say

write everyday, exercise your mind

they give advice

that no one asked them to give

i write for me

it brings out the anxieties i keep hidden

and stains the perfectly clean paper with my dirty thoughts

of love lust loss life and misery

my unclean mind can fill a page

but my unrest eases as i attack my typewriter

viciously trying to put down thoughts

as they come

because they will  go

and scrape out a piece of my heart when they leave

they choke the life out of my eagerness for life

a girl can only be beaten so many times

before she locks herself in her room

and tries not to give in to these thoughts that stick

themselves to under the cold side of my pillow

in between the pages of my favourite books

to my toothbrush or deodorant

they leave their mark on anything ordinary and make it painful and intrusive

just leave me alone and take my thoughts with you


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