my love

blanketed sadness, lukewarm misery

shame this and sigh that

but I allow sadness to weep

out of my skin

out of my eyes and heart

cut bleed and indulge

try to make reality real

I know I’m doing right by you

one can only be selfish for so long

my happiness will never intrude on yours

I won’t allow it

I will burn

I will bleed

before I allow anyone to cause you pain

you deserve more than me

I will leave my heart with you

to keep safe

take care of her, let her dance

that spring is for regrowth

rebirth out of remains

and who remains?

after winter had consumed all the warmth in us

we survived but my heart must leave with you

and with you she goes

you’ve taken my warmth

I had it does you some good

I hope I did right by you

my love


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